Over 65’s

Free assessment for over 65’s!

In a continuing effort to help keep our roads safe. I am offering free 30 minute assessments to drivers over 65 (full licence holder) who may not feel as comfortable behind the wheel as they once did.

The assessments will be limited as I will conduct them on my day off from work*.

The reason behind my thinking

Britains roads are not what they used to be. Roads are busier, junctions are more complicated and cars are being designed and sold that are too large and too fast for our current system. We have drivers without the experience and skills to adapt to these differences.

With over 25 million cars on the roads in England alone, and an increase of 600,000 cars in one year! (2015-2016). With our over-populated towns and especially our ever-ageing population, people are driving well into retirement.

We have never before seen so many drivers on the road that have renewed their licence at their expiry, at the age of 70, with no retest of any sort.

Although many elderly drivers on the road have no issues driving and adapting to the ever-changing systems, which are updated yearly in the highway code. Some have problems with sight, spatial awareness, and the biggest problem; slower reaction times.

Some elderly drivers now feel anxious about driving. As younger drivers become more impatient and bully their way through the streets with oversized vehicles, and a lack of consideration for any other road user. As pedestrians become less concerned about the dangers of stepping out in front of traffic, elderly drivers shy away from certain roads and areas that may cause concern, especially with diminishing reaction times behind the wheel. This is a concern to all and affects the independence of an ageing road user. The other concern is those that don’t recognise the slight decline in skill level and reaction times, and I feel this needs to be addressed.

Although there are poor drivers in every age group, those drivers are choosing to be poor drivers and hopefully, the authorities can deal with them.

My concern is to make the roads as safe for elderly drivers as possible and to help keep their independence for as long as possible.

For more details please call or text

07968 987 419

Or email through the “contact us” page (click email in the orange learner banner)

*Assessments will be conducted in the licence holders car, in the local Barnet area. If Diesel Driving School supplies the car, it will be a manual transmission only.