When it comes to prices you know what they say “buy cheap, buy twice!”
At Diesel Driving School we believe in quality over quantity.

In life, quality always costs a little bit more, but in the end it all works out better for you and most of all, less stress on your purse strings!
Think about it. Quality organic food costs more than processed food and is better for your health. A BMW manufactured car is better quality than a Daihatsu manufactured car, and in the long run you’ll save on repair costs and the BMW will drive for more miles with less repairs, saving you money.
Give us a try, with one of our beginner offers with no obligation and no tie-ins. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy and satisfied. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google, Facebook,, FreeIndex, and the award winning community and local business site Love Your Doorstep.

That’s why over 90% of our new learners are referrals from previous satisfied customers!


Standard Charge £28 Per Hour

Refresher lessons £30 Per Hour (Full Licence Holders)

Block Booking

        • 10 Hours £270.00 (£27.00 Per Hour)
        • 20 Hours £520.00 (£26.00 Per Hour)
        • 30 Hours £750.00 (£25.00 Per Hour)
        • 40 Hours £960.00 (£24.00 Per Hour)
        • 50 Hours £1100.00 (£22.00 Per Hour)
        • Pass Plus Courses from £180 (min 6hours)
        • Pass Plus additional hours £30 per hour
        • Motorway lessons £30 per hour

Diesel Driving School Accepts All Major Credit CardsCard payments incur a 2.75% fee and are secured with chip and pin, customer must be present.

Free Theory and Hazard perception training when you learn with Diesel Driving School London Ltd.
Theory Test Pro in partnership with Diesel Driving School London ltd.

Call or text to book 07968 987 419

*When compared to standard hourly rate. Offer rates (1st 10hrs £200) are for beginners only.