See what people* are saying about Diesel Driving School lessons which cover the London Borough of Barnet and surrounding areas including North West London and South Hertfordshire, High Barnet, New Barnet, East Barnet, Friern Barnet, Totteridge, Whetstone, North Finchley, East Finchley, West Finchley, Finchley Central, Mill Hill, Hendon, Colindale, Edgware, Elstree, and Borehamwood.

Best Driving school in Barnet London

Best Driving school in Barnet London

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Marc EN5:

Vick is a great instructor, relaxed, informed, reassuring and someone who doesn’t miss a single mistake made! He’ll be almost horizontal in the passenger chair and you could miss a mirror check, or go slightly over the speed limit and he will see it all! He has a great manner and doesn’t just teach you how to pass the test but how to drive in the real world and what to watch out for. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Lucia N20:

Brilliant driving instructor. I passed my test first time thanks to Vick. He is very good at explaining things as well as being extremely patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Petar N3:

Thank you Vick for teaching me to drive! I have found the lessons enjoyable and relaxed. So glad I have my licence now. Can highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn!

Antonia EN5:

Amazing driving instructor. Patient and calm, if it wasn’t for Vick, I wouldn’t have passed first time – thank you!!

Chris EN5:

“Vick was an absolutely fantastic instructor. His cool demeanor and great knowledge of the area helped tremendously!”

Adriana EN4:

“Great instructor. I have been trying to get my license for the better part of a year with different instructors and I haven’t been able to progress as much as I should have. But Vick was really helpful, supportive and explained everything really well. Should have gone to him a long time ago!
Would 100% recommend him, passed first time with him :)”

Liudmila EN5:

“Highly recommended!!!
After wasting time and money elsewhere I had read glorious reviews for Diesel Driving School London Ltd and decided to give it a go. Absolutely no regrets this time! I have passed my driving test and can confirm that all great accolades about Vick are true and thoroughly deserved. He is very professional and incredibly patient. There were no commands; there were very clear, simple and logical explanations what is right and why it is right. Moreover, there wasn’t time wasting! I felt, every lesson had purpose and structure. Vick was always encouraging and helped to build my confidence which I almost lost with my previous instructor. He is punctual and very easy to communicate with. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Diesel Driving School London Ltd to everyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you, Vick, and best wishes!”

Daniel NW4:

“Vick is a great instructor! His calm and patient teaching style meant I always felt comfortable and at ease during my lessons. I would highly recommend Diesel Driving!”

Charlie EN4:

“I would highly recommend Vick as your first choice when choosing a driving instructor and he has the experience, skill and patience that is required to teach you how to drive. His price is reasonable and he is willing to go out of his way to make sure you are ready for your practical to ensure you pass first time and he also has an awesome car!!!”

“10/10 brilliant instructor very calm, went out of his way for my son, Vick is very passionate, has ethos, he enjoys what he does,he will make the effort to go on the motorway, and wintery weather to build up your confidence on a plus pass scheme. That is the type of work ethics you would expect from a driving instructor, value for money, will recommend to family and friends, thank you Vick”

Omid EN5:

“Vick is a fantastic instructor. He is very professional and, he was great at building up my skills so that I’d be very comfortable driving on the roads. He’s also very patient and has a calming nature so it was very easy to learn from mistakes. With his help, I was able to pass first time and I am very grateful to have been his student. I would definitely recommend him.”

Aaron EN4:

“Before finding and starting with Diesel Driving School I had some discouraging experiences with other instructors however, Vick, who is so friendly and easy to talk to, soon built up my confidence and my driving very quickly progressed and improved. The incredibly calm and clear way in which he taught made it so easy for me to grasp all aspects of driving and learn from any mistakes that I made, especially when it came to manoeuvres for which Vick had many amazing tips. I greatly enjoyed and looked forward to all of my lessons; who wouldn’t want to drive the most awesome orange car?!”

Anjelica N3:IMG_1557

“After going through a few instructors and struggling to find an instructor or driving school that worked for me, when I came across Diesel Driving School, it was a blessing. Vick ensured he was always calm and friendly during our lessons and when I did make mistakes he would always explain perfectly how I can improve and better my driving ability. I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am that someone recommended Vick to me. I genuinely enjoyed every single one of my lessons and even though I am so happy I passed my test, I’m sad that I won’t be driving one of the coolest cars ever again!”

Paul EN5:IMG_1327

“ I would recommend Vick as an instructor to anyone. He was exceptionally clear with instructions and broke my lessons down into easy steps ensuring that every basis was covered. Incredibly patient and informative Vick gave me the confidence to pass first time, in 11 lessons. A remarkable instructor. ”

Viv EN5:IMG_1435

“Brilliant Instructor
My son has just passed his driving test first time having been taught how to drive by Vick. I cannot praise him highly enough – he is calm, patient and very professional and importantly he did not encourage me to pay for more lessons just before the test as he said my son was ready and this was not necessary.”

Marianna N12:XVOU8293

“Brilliant instructor
Excellent instructor. Always reliable and patient, his professional and calm approach gave me the confidence to pass the test. I’ve passed with 4 minors. Highly recommended. Thank you, Vick!”

Jolene WD6:Jolene

“Excellent driving school
I would highly recommend Vick at diesel driving school. His calm and very patient. Help me pass first time even though I was extremely nervous”

Shirley NW11:
2013-11-21 10.27.28

“Excellent driving instructor, Vick’s patience, level of expertise is unmeasurable. His explanations are clear and concise. And when I made mistakes he was very patient with me until i got it right. Thank you Vick couldn’t have done it without you. Good Luck to everyone !!!!”

Nicola N11:Nicola

“I would highly recommend Vick as a driving instructor. In just four months he helped me pass my theory and practical test with very few faults both first time. Vick is very reliable, professional, patient and extremely easy to get along with. From day one I felt relaxed and confident. So glad I chose diesel driving school. 10/10”

Jaisin N12:Jaisin

“To be called ‘great’ would only half describe Vicks services as a driving instructor. Vick was fantastic in explaining, teaching and helping me perfect each skill I required to pass. Only being 17, Vick enabled me to work around my college timetable, making my organisation easy and helping me pass first time, with only 3 minors! I would 100% recommend Vick to anybody looking for a quality and patient driving instructor/school.”

Lena EN5:Lena

“I passed with Vick first time. Vick is very patient and made me feel calm while I was learning to drive. He is very good at noticing areas which need improving. Vick is very punctual, never gets angry)) And as soon as you are ready for the test he’ll let you know it. Overall excellent, best instructor ever. I would advise to everyone!!”


“By far Vick is the calmest, coolest and competent driving instructor in town! He is always punctual, picks up my style of learning and adapts to my availability! He has taught me a life skill with such excellence, that I passed first time with only 5 minors. Cannot thank you enough. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to drive :)”

Nayan N3:Nayan

“With the help of Vick, I passed first time. Vick is a calm instructor that finds your pace and works with it. Vick never rushes you into a situation that he thinks you cannot cope with, I passed with 34 hours of lessons- each lesson different to the last – with different experiences.”

Aastha N12:RJWZ1455

“After a long break from learning how to drive, I was recommended Vick by a friend. He was very patient and encouraged me a lot, boosting my confidence. He has great deals for his lessons and I passed first time! Excellent instructor, very much recommended!”

Samson EN5:Samson

“Vick is cool, calm, patient and informative. He teaches you confidence by giving you the simplest method of taking control of the car. Which in turn, allows you to take control of your nervous. What i noticed and what helped me the most, was Vick never judged or reaffirmed my mistakes. He just explained the cause and effect of the situation and gave me the clearest and most direct solution to the problem.”

Natalia NW4:Natalia1

“I would highly recommend Vick! He helped me to pass 1st time with only 3 minors. His teaching standards are very good and he is always positive and encouraging.”

 Anna WD6:JLGJ7647

“Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommend Vick!!”

Parsa EN5:EPTC1549

“An amazing instructor who’s ability to teach is excellent! His calm and friendly approach will leave you feeling incredibly confident behind the wheel! Cheers Vick!! You’re the best.”

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